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Understand, learn and build a healthy relationship with Money. Money matters and so do you.

Learn, understand and Invest

Understand the psychology of money and invest wisely One place to learn and act.

Learn & Understand

The money academy is a simple, straightforward approach to understand the psychology of money.

Manage like top 1%

A people-oriented application to help you manage your money and get personalized recommendation.

Invest wisely

Virtual advisor will help you to improve your skills and invest your money wisely.

The psychology of money

What Is the Psychology of Money? The psychology of money is the study of our behavior with money. Whether or not you're successful with money isn't about knowledge, IQ or how good you are at math. It's about behavior. And everyone is prone to certain behaviors over others.

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Money Worrier

Technology and Science to democratize money knowledge

Science to help you understand your relationship with money, and how it affects your life Technology to democratize access to investment and money management.


Money warrior

Hey guys, love what youโ€™re doing and Iโ€™m convinced that together weโ€™ll achieve amazing things.


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what should you expect from Monna ?๐Ÿคฉ

Monna is an academy to understand enhance your relationship with money. An open community to share and help each other growth. A tool that provide you with market recommendation and investment opportunities.

How to invest in Web 3.0 ?

Before explaining how to invest in web 3.0 project, we need to understand how it's works and why we need to undertsand.

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Monna was born after years struggling with my relationship with money, i start asking and searching about all information i could find about the psychology of money. today i want to share my knowledge and other people knowledge with you so you can find your way and make money work for you. Early adopters comments about Monna

Merci ๐Ÿ˜

Monna helped me to understand my relationship with money but especially how to manage my finances without stress. He helped me to understand that I am the one who generates the money so I am able to do more

Into the Metaverse

I made my first investment in Crypto and Web 3 thanks to Monna.

Thank you :)

Monna opened my eyes to my relationship with money and destroyed many limiting beliefs I had about money, wealth and abundance.

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Monna is an ongoing project, do you want to help ? Contact me.


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